Acupuncture & Massage メコリヤ


At our clinic Mekoriya, we perform acupuncture and manual therapy.

If you are feeling sickness of the body such as stiff neck and lower
backache etc, or interested in cosmetic acupuncture and cosmetic manual
therapy, please come to our clinic!!

If an interpreter accompany you and you have any questions or concerns,
please make sure you send detail from Contact.


Manual therapy (50min) 5800 yen

It is Mekoriya's original manual therapy that combines Japanese ancient traditional massage called "Anma", Japanese original technique to move the bones and adjustment of articular movement.

In case that you feel uncomfortable for acupuncture, we will offer this Manual therapy.
It is different from massage, but those who experienced it will be able to accept smoothly.

Cosmetic acupuncture (60min) 9800 yen

Not only curing your body but sticking acupuncture needles to make your face more beautiful.

Acupuncture needles stuck on your face is thinner and shorter than the one used for the body. It is dedicated to beauty.
After that, your face will be lifted up and eyes will be big and easy to open.
There are many acupuncturists who stick a lot of acupuncture needles. But we use a few and it is more effective.
There is a little stimulation, so the first time people and those who are afraid don't have to worry about this.

Acupuncture treatment (50min) 5800 yen

It is a traditional folk remedy in Japan.

By sticking special pressure points with acupuncture needles, we will enhance the natural healing power of your body.
Japanese acupuncture needles are very thin and supple.
There are many people who imagine the injection, but it is completely different from that, it is very gentle stimulation.

Face cosmetic care (60min) 9800 yen

It is Mekoriya's original manual therapy for the face.

We stimulate your facial muscles by original manual therapy with aromatic oil to make your saggy face resilient.
Your face will be lifted up and you will be very surprised to see your rejuvenated face.


Takahiko Kurokawa

The director of Acupuncture & Massage Mekoriya.

He is a veteran acupuncturist/masseur who has studied Japanese traditional therapy for more than 30 years.
He is in charge of Acupuncture, Cosmetic Acupuncture, and Manual therapy.

Yuko Kurokawa

The deputy Director of Mekoriya.
She is the director's wife and she is a manager of Mekoriya.

She is in charge of cosmetic manual therapy.
She is especially good at caring for the face and has treated several ten thousands of clients.
Her technique with which she pressures the points precisely is so wonderful.

Yukari Watanabe

She is the veteran staff who has worked for several ten years.

She is in charge of cosmetic manual therapy.
Her head massage is very comfortable, and almost all people who receive the treatment will fall asleep.